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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let Your Bed Inspire Your Room

As I figure out how I want to decorate my room, the most obvious starting point is the bed. It's usually the focal point in any room, and the color scheme / design sets the tone for the surrounding pieces of furniture. 

I've been flipping through lots of design magazines looking for inspiration, and absolutely loved this ad by Manuel Canovas featured in Elle Decor last month. 

I love how they mixed lots of beautiful colors and feminine prints with slightly masculine gray walls. It's modern and sophisticated without being too matchy-matchy. 

I also wanted a quilt for my bed instead of a big comforter or duvet, something that would feel a little vintage-inspired while still only taking 30 seconds to make the bed. I liked this Laila quilt from Anthropologie, but at $228 for just the quilt, it was a bit out of my budget! 

With these looks setting the tone for my inspiration, I stumbled upon a great find at TJ Maxx (a thrifty girl's best friend!)

A beautiful Cynthia Rowley bedding set at 50% off! The colors were exactly what I wanted - soft grays mixed with light pinks and purples. The Indian-inspired print also added a fun touch. Continuing my hunt, I found two pillow shams and two pillows from the same set, also 50% off!

Both pillows and shams are reversible, and you can see above the two sides to the pillow shams. I am in love with the gray side, which is a lot lighter in person than it shows up on camera. 

The trick to finding all this was that three components of the set were in totally different sections of the store. Continuing to browse the store for an extra 10 minutes saved me so much time later on looking for matching pillows. Now I have a starting point for my room, and as I start collecting accessories and getting my furniture together I will have a design theme and color palette to work with. 

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